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When the UL Leaf Mark is on the product, or when the word "Environment" is included in the···

When the UL Leaf Mark is on the product, or when the word "Environment" is included in the UL Mark, please search the UL Environment database for additional information regarding this product's certification.

The appearance of a company's name or product in this database does not in itself assure that products soidentified have been manufactured under UL's Follow-Up Service. Only those products bearing the UL Mark should be considered to be Certified and covered under UL's Follow-Up Service. Always look for the Mark on the product.

UL permits the reproduction of the material contained in the Online Certification Directory subject to the following conditions: 1. The Guide Information, Assemblies, Constructions, Designs, Systems, and/or Certifications (files) must be presented in their entirety and in a non-misleading manner, without any manipulation of the data (or drawings).

2. The statement "Reprinted from the Online Certifications Directory with permission from UL" must appear adjacent to the extracted material. In addition, the reprinted material must include a copyright notice in the following format:"? 2014 UL LLC".

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